Sony Alpha 9 III Launch: First Full-Frame Global Shutter Unveiled

Explore Sony Alpha 9 III: first full-frame with global shutter. Sharp images at 120fps, 24.6MP sensor, and 1/80000 sec speed.

Author: Marco Crupi

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Sony’s new Alpha 9 III has marked a significant development in camera technology with its introduction of the world’s first full-frame global shutter sensor. This advancement allows the camera to expose and read all pixels simultaneously, which contrasts with the traditional rolling shutter sensors that capture images sequentially.

In the two photos at the top, it is possible to observe an example of rolling shutter effect. Both photos were taken by Reinhold Möller.

The global shutter system eliminates the distortion typically seen in fast-moving subjects or during panning shots, known as the “rolling shutter effect.” The Alpha 9 III promises to deliver sharp, undistorted images even with rapid subject movement and during high-speed shooting up to 120 frames per second. Additionally, this technology allows photographers to use flash at any shutter speed, avoiding the black bands that can appear with rolling shutters​.

In terms of specs, the Alpha 9 III boasts a 24.6MP sensor and is capable of capturing 120fps RAW photos with no blackout. It also features a staggering maximum shutter speed of 1/80000 sec, 10-bit video recording, and no compromises on ISO performance or dynamic range. For video, the camera can record subsampled 4K at 120fps or 4K at 60fps oversampled from 6K, with advanced color profiles like S-Log 3 and S-Cinetone. The camera also features a high-resolution 3.2-inch flip-out screen and an OLED viewfinder with a 9.44M dot resolution, which supports a refresh rate of up to 240Hz at reduced resolution.

The Sony Alpha 9 III has a standard ISO range of 100-52,100, expandable to 50-204,800, with a base ISO of 250 for its global shutter sensor.

While the Alpha 9 III’s price tag of $5,999.99 places it firmly in the professional market segment in the United States, European photographers will face a different price structure. Scheduled to be available in January 2024, the Alpha 9 III’s estimated retail price for the camera body alone is approximately €7,000 or £6,100. The VG-C5 grip, which will also be available in January 2024, is priced at approximately €450 or £390​​. This introduction of global shutter technology in the Alpha 9 III is a significant leap forward for Sony’s camera lineup and the photography industry as a whole.

For those eager to see the Sony Alpha 9 III’s global shutter technology in action, Sony has released a gallery of images captured with this groundbreaking camera. To explore the capabilities of the Alpha 9 III and witness the quality of images it can produce, visit Sony’s official photo gallery at: α9 III Photo Gallery – Sample images.

The Alpha 9 III is currently available for pre-order and is expected to ship in Spring 2024. This leap in camera technology opens new doors for creativity and precision in high-speed photography and videography, potentially setting a new standard for image capturing devices.

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